Booking a Sparkling Clean with Ceylon Cleaning Services in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Provide Your Cleaning Details:

   - Visit our website or give us a call to initiate the booking process.

   - Fill out the online booking form with the necessary details, including:

     - Your name and contact information.

     - Type of cleaning service required (e.g., regular cleaning, deep cleaning, specialized cleaning).

     - The size and details of the property or premises to be cleaned.

     - Your preferred date and time for the cleaning.

     - Any specific cleaning instructions or additional requirements you may have.

2. Receive and Review Your Quote:

   - After you've submitted your cleaning details, our team will promptly review your request.

   - We will send you a detailed quote based on your provided information.

   - Take your time to review the quote, ensuring it aligns with your requirements and budget.

   - If you have any questions or need adjustments, feel free to reach out to us for clarification or modifications.

3. Confirm Your Booking:

   - Once you are satisfied with the quote and ready to proceed, you can confirm your booking.

   - Pay the required deposit as specified in the quote. We offer convenient payment options.

   - Your booking will be officially confirmed once we receive your deposit.

   - Our team will then schedule the cleaning service for the agreed-upon date and time.

   - On the scheduled day, our professional cleaning crew will arrive at your property and provide the high-quality cleaning service you expect.

By following these three simple steps, you can easily book a cleaning service with Ceylon Cleaning Services and enjoy a clean and refreshed living or working space.


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